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I am glad, that you have visited my site. A long time I asked me, what I want to present on this HP and for a long time I had absolute no clue. Fortunately I have started last year in October 2001 a job in Switzerlant. For this job I have to travel all around the world. Now it was clear, that I want to inform all my friends with this homepage about my location and my situation.

I have this homepage divided in two big parts. On the one side, the places where I was and on the other side the place where I am at the moment.

The reports in english are still not finished, so up to now you can only see the picture I did.

1) Spain, Barcelona, Besos
2) America, New England, Connecticut
3) One day in New York!
4) Roundtrip through USA & Canada
5) Back in Town -> Barcelona
6) Short Trip back to Connecticut
7) Switzerland
8) Spain, Close to Gibraltar
9) Venezuela, Isla Margarita
10) Indonesia, Bali
11) Singapur
12) New Zealand
13) South East Asia

     See You,


last Update 25. April 2006

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